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Our Clinic Dental Soler began in 1982, in this section you can find how was our dental clinic when Dr. Inmaculada Soler began her career as a dentist and businesswoman.

More than 35 years have passed and we continue to offer our patients the best treatments to take care of their oral health.

History of the Dental Clinic Soler in Valencia

Dr. Inmaculada Soler details the history of the Soler Dental Clinic located in Valencia.

In 1972 I began what would be the most important professional project of my life, when I started with great illusion and restlessness the career of Medicine.

In 1978 I graduated in Medicine and Surgery, and 2 years later I obtained the title of Specialist Doctor in Stomatology, belonging to the first promotion of this specialty at the University of Valencia.

During the last year of the specialty, a great interest for the discipline in Orthodontics awoke in me, and I decided to take the Master’s Degree in Orthodontics in Valencia, also belonging to the first promotion.

When I finished, I decided to open my own dental clinic, in the center of Valencia, with an exclusive dedication in orthodontics.

From that moment I became a member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics and started as a teacher at the University of Valencia, where I combined teaching with private practice in my dental clinic in Valencia.

My professional trajectory, has taken me through the years to make a continuous training in dental treatments, participating both at university level and scientific congresses and courses, updating my knowledge and acquiring over the years the excellence in the field of orthodontics.

For 37 years orthodontics has taken up a large part of my life and has given me great satisfaction.

In the last 5 years, I have shared the practice in the dental clinic in Valencia with my daughter Icíar Sanz-Orrio Soler who has a degree in Odontology in Valencia and completed the Master of Specialization in Orthodontics in Valencia.

A year ago, with the help of my daughter and her husband, Dr. Jesus Veres, we started a new project, the opening of new installations in the Dental Soler Clinic, in Avd. Reino de Valencia, in which we offer a complete dental treatment, a Dental Clinic in Valencia with all the specialties in dental care, forming a team of professionals with great experience and incorporating the most advanced technologies in dentistry.

In the Dental Clinic, we form a human and professional team willing to offer a personalized and specialized treatment, with high qualification, and willing to satisfy your expectations, in a warm and familiar atmosphere.

At Clínica Dental Soler in Valencia the smile of our patients is our great satisfaction.

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